Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Sunday in Point Reyes...

We went to Point Reyes today and I decided to capture the town and day in pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.
This picture captures Eli.  He is just one happy kid who looks at the world with wonder. 
I love capturing the pure joy he experiences in the little things like jumping up trying to catch a piece of string.  
 Brandt, my bother-in-law, is taking a photo of Eli, and I am taking a photo of them :)
Can you see the word HOPE in the windows?  That is one magnificent building.
 Baskets of fall veggies at Cowgirl Creamery.

 Old town, old car, priceless..
Produce in front of Toby's Feed Barn.  The asparagus looks divine!
Loved the inspirational messages on these coffee mugs.
Scary picture of Eli here, he looks like he has vampire teeth.  Look out Edward, there's a new vampire in town :)
Brothers and best buds.

 Doesn't this look like an add for a mini cooper?
 Surfs up!  Hang 10!

 Eli getting into his bug!
 My little model!   Take and old car, add a cute kid, and you have an amazing photo.
 Eli working the Fedora!
Old boat + beautiful kids = cool pic.
Happy kids!
You can't beat the shots you get in nature.  
Follow your bliss this week!


  1. LOVE the pics! Makes me realize how long its been since we've been out to Pt Reyes!!
    Looks like the Grandy Family had a grand day:)