Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodbye 6 and hello 7!

I can't believe this guy is 7 today!

He grew from this:

This is our adoption referral photo - 3 days old

Eli @ 3 months still in Guatemala

 Eli at 5 months in Guatemala
Eli 9 months still in Guatemala (Almost home!)
Eli's fist morning at his new home (11 months)!  Happy as can be!
Eli and Zoe; their fist morning together.  Look at their smiles!  Glowing!
The jokester!  I don't know where he learned that spoon trick but he pulled that out day 3.  

First Halloween

First Christmas!

To this...

Eli, you are so special to me for so many reasons...
Your truly one of the kindest & sweetest souls
You go with the flow and you're just so easy
You put others first
You are crazy funny & make us all smile :)
You're willing to try just about anything and always up for an adventure
You have such a zest for life
You care about every living thing; including every bug, tree, bird, you name it
You are so gentle natured
You wake up every morning happy and greet us all with that amazing smile
Everyday is a new day to you, you never hold onto the past
You live your life in the present 
I love you forever and I am so happy you chose me to be your mom!


  1. That made me tear up! Happy birthday Eli!

  2. This is beautiful. He will always treasure it. I'm so glad he chose you as we can't imagine our lives without that burst of sunshine that is Eli!

  3. I'm re-reading this. These pictures of him as a baby melt me. He has a magnetism that jumps off the page. I teary. I love him. I love you and your family. The soccer pictures of the kids from this past weekend are awesome. xo