Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot lunch, tetherball and legos

I work hot lunch at the kid's school each Tuesday.  I alternate between the both schools and yesterday was my week at Eli's school.  This is how I was greeted from Eli and his 2 buds when I was checking in the kids.  I asked them to smile and got 2 smiles from his buds but Eli decided to give me this:
Eli's school had early dismissal this week due to teacher conferences and it was such a beautiful day that I brought along Eli's tetherball so he could play with his friend's after school.

Here are some facts about Eli and tetherball.  He is known in the first grade as "the crusher."  He claims he is the first grade tetherball champ.  Kids have actually come up to me at school and told me that Eli crushes them.  He just loves tetherball and said if tetherball was an Olympic sport then he would be the world champion.  All kidding aside, he is actually pretty good.  I have watched him at recess a few times when I have worked hot lunch.  He may be small but he can jump high and he puts all of his strength into getting that ball around the pole.  Here are some pics I took yesterday of him playing.  

You can see how determined and focused he is when playing.
He also makes a loud grunting noise when he hits the ball.  I asked him why he does this and he replied, "it makes me hit the ball harder mom."  
OOPS, guess the ball decided to crush him!

Eli finally used his birthday money and bought himself this lego ship.  He had been contemplating between 4 different lego sets and finally decided on this one.  He built it ALL by himself.  Look at that thing, it's huge and very complicated.  Needless to say, we were all impressed and proud of the little guy!
I was trying some new recipe ideas for Thanksgiving and made this amazing acorn squash dish for dinner.   I will post it this week on my cooking blog.
Followed by this for dessert!
Have a great Wednesday!

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