Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin fun & Halloween through the years...

Zoe's 6th grade class got to carve pumpkins at school yesterday.  It's a 6th grade tradition.  The school provides all the pumpkins and carving utensils.  I love her pumpkin because it's silly and fun!    This weekend will be Eli's turn to carve his pumpkin.  I can't wait to dig out the seeds so we can roast them up.  Pumpkin seeds are the best snack!  I will post a picture of his pumpkin later!

Here are some photos of the kid's Halloween costumes through the years. 
This is the first costume I have a digital picture of.  Zoe was an adorable pumpkin her first Halloween and a monkey her 2nd Halloween.  Once I figure out how to scan photos, I will post the pictures.  She was so adorable!  This is Zoe and her friend Ellie!

Zoe with her black cat!  Eli was still in Guatemala in the 2 above photos :(

Here he is celebrating his first Halloween with us :)   He did not really want to put a costume on, so all we could get on was the bear hat.  He does look adorable!  Zoe was not to be messed with!  Girl power!

This is Zoe rocking it as Cleopatra with an attitude! You go girl!  She is posing with a neighbor friend!  Eli was not getting into a costume again this year.  He took off anything we put on him as costumes freaked him out!

Zoe above as a soccer dog.  We could not find any cute dog costumes for kids so we found a mask and created this.  She was so happy to be a dog that she did not care!  Eli was a pirate for his pre-schoool party and then decided to be a cowboy on Halloween night.  Talk about a huge leap from last year when he would not even put one costume on.  He found his inner Halloween spirit!

Zoe as yet another dog!  Can you tell that she loves dogs?  Zoe and her friends decided to be Dalmatian puppies together and we had a costume making party.  So cute!  3rd grade, love the innocence! Eli was Buzz Lightyear here!

Surprise, Surprise, Zoe is yet another dog, but a Guide Dog this time.  We visited the Guide Dogs of Marin for girl scouts so that is where we came up with this costume.  I love it as it's so original, and so Zoe!  Eli was into Star Wars at this point, so he was Obi Wan.  He still dresses up in this costume and he still loves Star Wars!

 Zoe was a "peace" girl from the 60's!  Peace out!  Eli was an astronaut.  Isn't that costume the bomb?  It was passed down to us from a friend and we passed it on to another friend this year!  

I will post this photos of  their costumes next week.   Zoe is going to be a vampire and Eli is going to be Harry Potter!

Have a great weekend!

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