Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ski week..

This is a snapshot of what we did over ski week.  As you can see from the photo's below, we did not do any skiing!

Eli decided to get dressed up, bow tie and all!
 This led to the kids creating a movie mystery about the disappearance of kids at a boarding school.  Eli played the strict headmaster.  See how serious Eli is as the headmaster?  Zoe played a bratty schoolgirl.

 The kids created this Scooby-Doo scarecrow.  He was the "monster" that was capturing the kids for his show.  Isn't it hilarious?
 Scooby was supposed to be scary as he was the monster in this story.  Zoe understands that Scooby is supposed to be scary so she plays the part of the scared school girl.  It takes Eli a while to get into the role.
 Ahh, now he gets it!  
We had plenty of desserts!  
The first night of vacation, we had root beer floats.   
 The next day it was Ghirardelli ice-cream sundaes!  We took a few friends along for the treat.
BTW, those huge sundaes were devoured.
We went into SF and went exploring at the exploratorium! 
Kids had tons of fun! 
They were jumping for joy!
That is until they saw this?  If you're a Doctor Who fan you will understand why the girls are scared.  Weeping angels!  Ahhhhh....
 The weather was 85 degrees so we decided to hit the pool 3 days in a row!  
Can't beat that.
 All in all, Eli gave this stay vacation a thumbs up!
Oh yeah!!!

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