Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great and fun idea for all that spare change you have...

 Let me introduce to you Piggy!!  Piggy is our kitchen banker.  His job is to hold all of our spare change and look good while doing it :) 
He likes to be on display, so lets take a look at him from some other angles.
Front view above... 

Side view below...
 Quarter turn view...
A few years back, I realized we needed a place to store all of the spare change we accumulated each day.  I knew I wanted something in the kitchen, as that is our fist point of entry into the house.  I love color, so I knew I wanted something fun and whimsical.  I then thought, what about a piggy bank, the ones you see in the baby stores.  Perfect!  

The kids love feeding Piggy.  Eli finds spare change all the time and can't wait to come home and feed Piggy.  The best thing about Piggy is the amount of money we accumulate at the end of the year.  Each December we empty out Piggy at the local coin star machine and we end up walking away with $400 or more.  We either use this money for a family Christmas gift or for an upcoming family trip. 

Below is a photo of Piggy's home where he resides 365 days a year. 
 You can put one of these piggy banks anywhere in your house to add a bit of whimsy and fun.  It's fun to decorate your house with objects from a baby or kids store.  The colors they use in baby and kids stores are just so vibrant.  The basic premise is that there are are no rules with decorating.  Buy what you fall in love with and then find a place for it in your home.  We did that with Piggy and we still love looking at him each morning as he adds that bit of humor and flair to our kitchen!


  1. We use an old Alhambra water bottle. We fill it all year and roll all the change and count all the bills every July and use it on our long Tahoe summer vaca. Last year we had $1200! (Jason puts in tip money or football $$$ wins too) Kids LOVE this tradition!!

  2. Wow Amanda. I thought $400 was a big deal. I will have to have John deposit some of his fantasy football winnings :)

  3. Jackie, you need a piggier piggy!