Thursday, November 17, 2011


 Someone got a haircut yesterday.  Doesn't she look great?  She looks so grown up!  When did this happen?  

We just signed Zoe up for Spring Lacrosse today.  I can't believe were thinking about spring sports already.  I mean soccer just ended! 

I went to Eli's class to volunteer today.  The kids visited the local farmers market and got these vegetables below.  Don't they look amazing? I had to wash them all and the kids got to cut them with very DULL knives.  It was difficult needless to say, but the kids had a blast.

Here is Eli chopping away! See the sharp butter knife he is using? 
The teacher asked at the end what the kids favorite center was and Eli responded, "the chopping center because that was my mom's center."  Good answer Eli!   He definitely knows how to work it!   
See that mischievous smile!
I'm off to see this tomorrow!  Can't wait :)  Going to be in a FULL theatre with screaming teens!  Yikes! 
Go team ..... !!!  What team are you on?

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