Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween wrap up..

Halloween did not go entirely as expected, but really, what Holiday does?

The kids went off to school, Zoe as a vampire and Eli as Harry Potter.
I sadly did not get a picture of them, as it was a hectic morning.

I stopped by Eli's class party to take some picture and there no pictures to be taken as he and every other boy in his class had their costumes off.  I mean they can't play tetherball with their costumes on, duhhh.

Eli came home from school and threw up after consuming boatloads of candy and cookies at his class party.  Good times!
He finally admitted to us at breakfast today how much he actually consumed at the party. Yuck!  

Zoe decided that she was not feeling the vampire vibe anymore, so we quickly hit my closet and dressed her up as an 80's chick.  The whole costume took about 15 minutes to put together.  It's surprising or should I say sad, how much stuff I had to choose from.

I fed the kids some chicken Parmesan and broccoli for dinner (I wanted to get some solid food in them before the candy consumption).

I dropped off Zoe to trick or treat with her friends in another neighborhood.  It was sad as it was the first year she trick or treated without us and in another neighborhood :(  She had a blast trick or treating with her peeps though and she came home with a shopping bag FULL of candy!   What are we going to do with it all?

Here is a picture of the kids before they headed out!
Even though Eli was a bit under the weather, he still put on a show.  He seems to think that Harry Potter makes crazy, mean faces when he casts his spells.  I think he is acting more like Voldermort than Harry.

I had to get some close ups.  I told him to make a serene Harry face and he tried, but this is how he ended up.  He just can't keep a straight face.  He really wanted to be evil Harry! 
Eli and I went trick or treating with some friends while John manned the house and the candy bowl.  We didn't get to far as Eli was feeling tired and a bit under the weather.  I felt bad for him as Halloween to him is like Christmas.  I mean he didn't even eat one piece of candy last night and he was sound asleep by 8:00.  But, he made up for it today and got his candy fill :)

I love Halloween but I am glad its over.  It's a lot of work and a lot of candy!  Now, where to deposit all this candy.....

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  1. I threw up many many Halloweens when I was young...only because of pure excitement about getting candy! How sad is that??? My mom reminds me every Halloween. The costumes look terrific...and I'm glad its over also!