Monday, November 14, 2011

Eli's Author Celebration

Eli had his first author celebration at school last week.  The kids have been working on writing books the past few months and the parents were invited to celebrate and view their child's book.  Each student got to pick their favorite book that they had written and read it to us at the celebration.  Here is what Eli chose as his favorite book. 
 It's called, "The Cars."  
He dedicated the book to us :)

Lamborghini.  Hmmm...  Eli has some expensive tastes. He better keep doing well in school if he wants to get either one of these cars :)
Volvo.  He dedicated this page to me because I drive a Volvo.
 Bug.  Gotta love the face on the driver. 
Mini Cooper 
I love this book because it's totally him.  It may not be this long novel with these detailed pictures, but it's a book about what he loves, cars, and he is so proud of his work.  I also love seeing how kid's spell words phonetically.  

I took a look at some of his other books and just had to take a picture of this one.  It's called Dead Chicken.  The second page shows a picture of two fried eggs.   Where did he come up this book idea? 
He is hilarious. 
This next book is about our family.  This first page says, my family loves to play games.  I love the caption of Eli saying, "I love my family."  I also love his pictures of us. 
My family loves to eat Pizza. 
My family loves to cook.  The picture is funny because that is Eli giving a karate kick to Zoe.  Zoe is not happy with the picture because she looks angry and she is getting kicked!  John and I are looking oblivious to the situation!
Here is Eli with his bean plant.  He is proud because it is growing so big.  He is doing a great job taking care of it.  I wonder when this item is coming home and where I am going to put it?
Here is the toast at the end of the party.  The kids got some apple cider and are toasting to being authors.  
When his teacher asked the kids what their favorite part of the celebration was, most kids said, showing my parents my book or reading to my parents.  Eli raised his hand and said, "the apple cider."  If you look closely you will see that Eli is not paying attention to what his teacher is talking about but focusing on that apple cider in his hand.  That's my boy :)  Love him!

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