Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Few Favorite Things!

I love this sneaker!  It has changed my life!  I almost gave up running a year ago because my knee was bothering me.  I refused to get an MRI because I had a feeling that I could heal my knee myself over time.  So I basically took some time off of running and just did my bootcamp training workouts, but I really missed the feeling and freedom that running gave me and I missed being in the woods and on the trails.  I went to my favorite running store, ArchRival, and asked about the 5 finger shoes I was hearing so much about.  They basically told me that the shoes are difficult to fit on some people due to the toes etc.  They also said I would have to run basically sans socks.  I really did not want to go there yet because I don't want to dirty up my nice clean washing machine with nasty sneakers, so I asked for a sneaker that I could wear very thin socks with.  They showed me these puppies.  I was sold.  I started out by breaking them in at the gym running on the treadmill and using them for my bootcamp workouts.  Then one day, I hit the trails for a run hike.  My knee was not bothering me to much, so I tried again the following week, and then again and Voila, my knee is no longer bothering me.  I even hiked Half dome last month in these!  Forget those expensive and clunky hiking shoes I was talked into.  These puppies worked amazingly and my feet felt great after that intense hike.  Here is me at the top before the cables.  Beautiful up there,  isn't it?

Ok, I had to tell people about those shoes because they have gotten me back out there running again!

OK, here is another quick thing I love to have on the day's I work out!  Its protein powder!  I like this Teraswhey Bourbon Vanilla flavor YUMMY!  I just add 2 scoops to 9oz of water and put my cap on and shake it up.  I drink it right after the gym or a run.  It fills me up after an intense workout and really helps with my muscle fatigue.  My trainer talked me into to it and I love it.  He said that consuming protein helps you increase lean muscle mass.  The more lean muscle mass you have the more definition and higher calorie burn throughout the day.  Basically, the more muscle you have, the more calories your burning just resting throughout the day.  Who doesn't want that?  I have been drinking this for about a month and I feel great!

I also love my Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles!!!

These are the best!  You only taste your drink, not metal or plastic.  These are the easiest things to clean as well.  You just pop them into your dishwasher and they are fresh as a daisy!  I drink much more water these days as I always have a bottle in my car and the water stays fresh because its in glass!!!  Try one of these, you will be hooked!  

That is it for today!  I of course, have many more things I love, but those are a sampling!  


  1. I have those sneakers too. LOVE them! I wear them sans socks though. Got them for doing Crossfit. I've run in them a few times, but I'm not a serious runner so I couldn't decide if it was me or the shoes. It feels so weird when I put my big, clunky running shoes on though to run. I need to give the NB another try.

  2. Hi Kim! Give them a try again. I run on the trails with these so I think that helps. I have not tried the pavement yet. I am going to try the Merrell's barefoot shoe next as I hear they are the next level shoe to try after you adjust to the NB ones. I will let you know how i like them.