Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend wrap-up!

Lets just call this weekend soccer fest!  
Between both kids we had 5 soccer games.
Zoe’s team played 3 tournament games and won all 3 games!  
Zoe played amazingly well and scored a couple goals!
The views at her games are amazing, Mt Tam is in the background and the marsh on the other side.  
You couldn't of asked for better weather either, as it was a sunny 75 degrees both days.
Perfect California soccer watching weather ;)

Her team now gets to play at the finals next weekend and boy are they excited.

Eli's team, the Rustlers, played their last two games yesterday :(
They do not have tournaments at his age level :)
He had a great season as well, scoring goal upon goal every game!
I love watching him play because he just gets in there and has no fear.  
When I yell, "Eli, go get the ball and run with it," he looks at me, winks and goes after it.
I love that little guy :)

There were end of the season parties for both kids!  Pizza and cupcakes. 

We finally carved Eli's pumpkin.
We waited to late to get the tools and had to use these.  I know, Disney Princess, really, and for a 7-year-old boy?
 In the process of cutting his pumpkin, the little pink saw broke!
Hmmm….  That might of been a deliberate move on his part, I mean a pink saw?

In the end, the pumpkin turned out great (even though I had to cut the mouth with a kitchen knife due to the broken saw)!

Ate too much of this..
That is why I am eating this for dinner.  I will post this recipe on my cooking blog this week.

Good night and Happy Halloween!

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