Thursday, October 27, 2011

Critters in my attic & dress up with Zoe!

Had a terrible night sleep last night due to some critter in my attic.  All I heard all night was scraping and rustling above me.  It reminded me of that Allstate commercial where that guy pretends he's a raccoon in your attic.  It's actually a funny commercial and I usually laugh at it, but not anymore ;(  

All I could think of last night was that commercial and what that critter is doing to my attic.  I can just see him up there smiling and ripping up installation, chewing on wires and just reeking havoc.  I was mostly afraid that he would rip through my ceiling and jump down on me.  Folks, I am not a fan of rodents in my house, even if they are in the attic.  I just want them to stay in nature where they belong.  I called my pest guy first thing this morning and luckily he is coming out today.  I will keep you posted with what we find!  Update:  My pest guy came (for those of you that are local, I have the best bee, ant and pest guy) and he went up in the attic and did not find a thing, not even one dropping!  He laid a few traps just in case, and told me to call him if I hear anything again.  Last night I had the most restful sleep and did not hear a thing but silence.  I am totally happy about that :)

Let's move onto a lighter note.  Zoe's language art's class read a book called Freak the Mighty and they are doing a little skit in the class based on the book.   Zoe had to come up with 2 costumes for the two characters she plays.

The first character she plays is a tough gang member.  I think she looks pretty tough, don't you?

Don't know that I want to see that look on a daily basis as I like seeing my sweet little girl, but she got into her character.

The second look we were going for was for the character Loretta, who is frazzled, drunk most of the time and pretty clueless about life.  We sort of got that look, I think.  We have to mess up her hair more.  When she plays the character she really does an amazing job.  She loves playing characters opposite of her personality.  
What is scary is that she is wearing my red Madonna shirt in the gang photo above and my sweatshirt here.  She is now almost fitting into my clothes, when did this happen?  I had to throw in the last picture with her brilliant smile.  That is my girl!

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