Monday, October 24, 2011

Take the easy path...

The following message came to me on a run the other day.  Running is my meditation and often these thoughts of wisdom come into my head.  I think its because I am open when I am running and my mind is quiet.  I just thought I would share it with you!

Were always use to traveling down the windy path of life.  Why do we choose this path?  Because it seems like the way we are destined to go.  "Why should our path be easy we ask, isn't life suppose to be a struggle?"  Why should it not be easy?  It's been embedded in our brains and psyches that life is suppose to be hard and rewards are suppose to be small and that life is not supposed to be this easy.  Life is supposed to be easy and breezy and full of wonderment and bliss.  Take that road that is open, straight and full of ease and see where it leads you and how fun your journey is along the way.  
Look at the redwoods, they grow large and straight, there are no twists or turns to them.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful and powerful tree?  The redwoods hold the key to eternal life and are full of wisdom.  They have been here for ages and will continue to be here, growing stronger and taller.  They have learned the secret to life; and that is to grow tall and take the easy path of straight and narrow, not the windy path full of obstacles and hurdles.   
Zoe feeling the bliss of life while in nature!  We should all aim for this feeling!
Give yourselves a break and start to believe that this is the way life was destined to be.  Know within your self that all is good and will continue to be good.  We set our own course in life, so why not set it to be an easy and blissful course?  Make things easier on yourself and get out there and enjoy more, love more, play more.   You chose to come here and experience life, so go experience it and have some fun while doing it!  

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  1. Love this Jacquelyn!! I think best when I'm exercising too. :)