Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Decorating and getting Booed?

We love Halloween at our house.  We get so excited to decorate the front porch that we always start on the first day of October, but this year the kids had off September 30th so we started a day early ;)  I can safely say we were the first house in the neighborhood to put up our Halloween decorations.  I think I like decorating for Halloween so much because the decorations look good with our house's color scheme.  I mean we have a brown-shingled house with a mango door.  It speaks Halloween!
We try not to be too scary with our decorations because we don't want to scare away any little kids (though Eli did talk me into getting 2 grave stones this year).

Some might say this big tarantula spider is scary!
But not these cute little guys!  
This is our creepy Halloween tree.  Eli always decorates it first and then Zoe comes in and changes it!  
So the other night we got booed!
Have any of you gotten booed before?  It's a cute Halloween tradition over here in our hood.  Someone basically rings your doorbell, drops off a bag with 2 notes attached and goodies inside, and runs before you can open the door (kind of like ding dong ditch).  The kids love it and love the pre-Halloween candy inside!

You then have to hang the above ghost on your front porch so everyone knows you got booed and your house is now off limits to any future boo's.  The other requirement is that you have to go out and boo two other people's house within 24 hours.  Well, my kids did not want to wait 24 hours, they wanted to go then and there.  So we made some copies and filled some bags and then set out to boo 2 neighborhood friends.
See the ghost hanging in our window?  One step down, the other to go!
Here are the kids with their boo bag heading over to hit their friend's house.  Eli looks a bit scared here!  
And they're off; they are going in slow motion here so I can capture them on camera!  Eli is still looking a bit nervous wouldn't  you say?
They arrive at home after hitting the first house and they are all smiles.  Eli told me, "Mom, I know I got busted, I know the mom saw me."
Zoe is heading inside, giving me a thumbs up for a successful and fun night!

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