Monday, October 17, 2011


Ahh... Running!  Its one of my favorite things to do.   Its my form of meditation and time for me to just be one with nature and the earth. When I am running my spirit shines and I feel almost like a bird in flight.  I get lost in my run and my body gets in its own rhythm and groove.  Its so amazing the high I get while running.

This is where I get to run, isn't it beautiful?  
These are the steps that I warm up with.  Isn't the greenery and moss so amazing?
I never take this beauty for granted and each time I run this trail, I see something new.  I love that this is my backyard (not literally, but a 5 minute drive from my house).   I am so grateful and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds me and I am grateful for these amazing legs that carry me on my runs!  

Where is your favorite running spot?


  1. One of may favorite runs is this one...with you! tee-hee-hee. The trail above my house inspires me, too. There's this one bend in the fire road where Mt Tam pops out of no where. I always say hello and wonder what she's dreaming about. There are two GIANT hills I run (or bounce lightly) up. It's hard and my legs and my lungs ache, but I have such a sense of personal accomplishment when I hit the top. Smiles the rest of the way home.

  2. This is beautiful...I love the moss on the side of the steps...nature is pretty amazing wherever you are...I have never been a runner, but at least a couple of times a week we walk at Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach CA after Bar Method. And you're right, every time it's a little different even though it's the same spot.