Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Slowing down and listening....

Do you listen to yourself?  I mean really listen to yourself every day to see where you're being led or what you really want to do?  Do you ever stop to get clear guidance from yourself?  I have been doing that lately.  I have been trying to stop and listen to my heart and myself before I jump into something.  I sit and see what "I" really want to do in that moment and then I go from there.

I have learned over the years to stop listening to what everyone else is doing and to listen to what my family and I want to do, what speaks to us and what we enjoy.  It's easy to get caught in the "herd" and "to follow the pack," but what fun is that?  I mean if were doing what everyone else is doing, then where is our growth?  Also, following the herd takes away our uniqueness and doesn't let us figure out what really makes us tick and come alive.  Slowing down gives you time to reflect and figure out what you like and dislike.  It gives you time to create and use your imagination to create your dreams.  How many of us know what we really want? If we got quiet once in a while and slowed down our pace, we would figure it out.

I see people racing around working so hard all the time and doing every activity under the sun, but where is the joy in that?  How do you connect with yourself and others when you're racing around?  What are we all working so hard for and what is our end goal?  It's easy to race around because then we don't have to think and be, but that is a scary place for some people.  We have been taught and programmed to believe that life is suppose to be hard and that you're suppose to suffer.  I have come to see that's not the case.  Were supposed to enjoy this life that were given.  We should be swimming downstream the river of life instead of swimming upstream.  Upstream is hard, downstream is easy, but that doesn't sit well with us because we have been told that if something is easy then its to good to be true, right?  Well, let me change your way of thinking, try the easy way, and see where it leads you.  Swim down the river of life and slow down your pace while you're at it!  Be present with yourself, family and friends.  Your life will be blessed in so many ways.  Cheers!


  1. "Slowing down gives you time to reflect and figure out what you like and dislike. It gives you time to create and use your imagination to create your dreams."

    I am always shocked by how creative I get when I open up my schedule and allow myself time to dream. Great point.

    (I came over from your comment on Clover Lane)


  2. I love this post! My brother who lives in Ireland lives a life that is calm and slow and peaceful and he always reminds me, when he visits, that things here are so crazy and competitive and fast, and life shouldn't be like that. It is a choice we have to make to reject that constant activity, or to choose to enjoy life.
    Wish you could make me run with you...those pictures are beautiful...but yes, you'd have to MAKE me.