Sunday, December 18, 2011

A perfect way to start winter vacation...

It was 65 degrees and sunny, so the Grandy family decided to begin our vacation by taking a family hike (a 3 hour hike).  
We were craving the ocean so we decided to hike the Pirates Cove Trail.
 Here is the family starting out.  Happy, joyful and feeling blessed.

 Zoe finding her peace.
 Eli listeing to his inner Budha.
 Walking the trails.  We just finished climbing the HUGE hill, whew!

This is what kept Eli occupied on the hike, collecting crystal rocks.  
 Taking a moment to pose with Dad.  We took a lot of breaks in the beginning of the hike as it was an uphill climb.
 What was Eli finding so amusing, a rock perhaps?

My future running partner.  

I love the effortless & happy way kids run.
 Love this shot of Zoe amongst all the vastness.  
 Eli giving me that killer pose with beautiful Mt. Tam in the backdrop.  
Love him and love Tam.
The ocean was much more blue and beautiful but the abundance of light was filtering it all out.  
It was super sunny!!!
 Kids and I taking a break to pose.
Zoe climbing up the stairs from Pirates Cove.
 John and Eli climbing the stairs from Pirates Cove.  Check out the crow in the upper right hand corner following us.
 See the crow, he and his buddy really followed us the rest of the way.  It made me so happy to have our crow friends with us.  You all know how I love crows.
I'm ending on this shot as a reminder that there is beauty everywhere.  Get out and explore your backyard with your family, it will ground you and make you realize what is important in life!  
This is what we plan on doing lots of this vacation.  
Want to join us?

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