Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

I took this photo last week on our family hike.
I love how the sun is setting and creating a lighted pathway.
A pathway to all that is...

You can also see the curvature of the earth.
Whenever I see the curve of the earth it makes me realize that we really are living on a planet in the middle of the galaxy.
It's pretty surreal when you actually think about it.
The universe is vast and yet were so small.

When I see the light reflecting on the water, I reflect on my life.  
I am so grateful for this earth and all the beauty that surrounds us.
I am grateful that were on this amazing planet that takes care of all of our needs.
It feeds us, provides us with water and protects us.

I am also grateful for:
 family and friends

Life is definitely chaotic at times and there are days when I am flustered, tired and asking the universe, why I am here.
What is my role, what am I suppose to do with my life?
Am I doing everything I signed up for?
I then hear that I am not here for one single purpose or one huge miraculous thing.  
I am here to be the light that shines.
The person that smiles and says hello to the stranger.
I am here to love and spread love.

For love is truly the key.
Everyone and everything needs love.
Trees, flowers, rocks, water, animals, family, friends and strangers, you name it, all need love.
Go out and give some love today and you will shine on the inside and out.
You will raise the vibration for everyone and everything.

Happy 2012.
May it bring you all the love and joy you seek.

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  1. Oh my...that picture is spectacular! thanks for linking up at God Speaks Today. What a lovely thoughts to carry us into the New Year.